Hello and welcome to my website!

As you can see I love to paint and draw animals. I finished art school Minerva in Holland in 2004, and I have been working as a professional artist for two years now. On this website you can see two series of twelve paintings each. I have recently left Holland to live with my boyfriend in Norway. The nature of this country is beautiful and still mostly untouched, and because of that I experienced her seasons in a vey intimate way. That is how the first series came to life. I wanted to represent the different emotions of the seasons through the animals that live here.

The second series of paintings shows portraits of the animals I used for the first series. They give an image of Norway's rich wildlife.

All the orignials have been sold, but reproductions of the paintings will soon be available. If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to contact me on my email address:


Have fun watching the paintings!